Anneyong cutie is a tumblr based roleplay that is made for everyone. We're accepting of anyone into the family and we strive to a keep; a warm, welcoming and close family atmosphere.
We'd be more than happy to have you, cutie. (°∀°)/ .

ɴᴏɴ/sᴇᴍɪ/ᴀᴜ/oc ғʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ.
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March 29 · 0 notes
Oppa we should have an Easter party~ ouo

An easter party? How would we arrange that? If anyone has any ideas or input, I’m more than glad to listen. And I apologize for the delay in this answer, life’s been pretty hectic for me and I just haven’t been doing what I need to do. I’m so sorry. 


March 14 · 0 notes
The page is pink!!! *squeals and leaves cupcakes*

It is \o/ I think pink is more fitting, don’t you? 


February 16 · 0 notes
I know it may to late to say this but I still would like to be a part of the family. I'm going through somethings I'd rather not talk about so it's limiting my time to be online.

That’s quite alright. Take all the time you need. We’ll still be here for you no matter what. 


February 4 · 0 notes

Well guys, the theme and links are all done. Please check it out to let me know what you think. If you hate it or love it. Think I’ve changed everything far too much, just please let me know. My style of adminning is different from others, but I want to do the best for the family to my knowledge. 

The following people have a week to notify the directory if they want to continue to be a part of this community. Some of these blogs have been unused for months and I just want to clean everything up and get us going again. 

Please report to the directory by 2/11 or make a post to prove activity: 

#ancnotice  #ancfam  #adminhan 

February 4 · 1 note

Messing around with the theme, making things more navigable. Please bear with me. Though I’m pretty sure a lot of you won’t mind. 


February 4 · 2 notes
Hey guys!

Long time no see. Sorry about my god awful ability to just… stop by and check on everyone. School is kicking my booty, but I just wanted to come by and check in on everyone. I do still log into the main account as often as I can and I’m thinking its time to try to get some more people around don’t you think?

So tomorrow, I will attempt to make ads for people we want in our directory. Please just reply to this post with who you would like to see join or send in a message. 

I am well aware that the numbers are dwindling and that I’m no mama BoA, but I want to keep this place as alive as possible. You guys gave me a home when I had no other. 

#adminhan  #ancfam  #ancnotice 

January 20 · 0 notes
I'm going to be leaving the family. I had a blast here and I loved every minute. I won't stop talking to anyone here so. Please count on that

Thank you for letting us know. You will be missed and we hope you have fun with your new family!

January 6 · 0 notes
Do you want to be affiliate? We are quite new and would love you guys to spread around about us. Thank you so so much.

Of course we would. 

Guys, check out this new roleplay directory!

#affiliate  #do... we have a tag for that  #or no  #uh oh  #lustxacademyrp 

January 1 · 3 notes
#ancnoob  #ancfam  #jeon hyosung  #hyosung  #secret  #kpop  #krp  #kpop rp 

December 30 · 2 notes
'Ello Mates

Well it seems like I need to make a posty thing about my… adminship. Sounds nice, yes I’ll go with that. SO. *wheezes a bit and takes a deep breath*

'Ello. Don't really know why I'm doing this other than to tell you guys I'm ready to work hard and take up the slack wherever it needs to be taken up. Hopefully that means making sure BoA doesn't stress herself out. 

Uhm yea. That’s pretty much it. Sorry if I’m an antisocial prude. I promise I’m really not that nice and will most likely give you a wedgie… but it only means I love you. Absolutely promise that’s what it means. 

SO WITH THAT OUT OF THE WAY… let’s get this show on the road. I accept love in all forms. Such as cute animals and chocolate. <3 

#ancfam  #adminhan  #oh gosh  #this doesn't feel like a notice  #but...  #ancnotice